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Labor Day Schedule

Sunday, September 2nd, 7:30 am IHP, 9 am Bikram
Monday, September 3rd, 7:30 am IHP, 9 am Bikram

Your Best You
2018 Fall Clean up 2.0
A 60 day community-supported program using the power of connection, education, food and exercise to inspire healing, life-long habits.
Our annual Fall Clean up is coming! This 60 day BYUV community supported program provides you with the frame-work that will uncover Your Best You.
Fall is the perfect time of year to regroup and take charge of your health again. As much as we all truly love summer, vacations at the beach and more relaxed routines, the end of summer signals its time to return to the stability of routine. Join us for this super supportive, super accessible program that guides you in building better habits, a healthier relationship with food and makes you and your wellness a priority.

The Fall Clean up embodies all the components of creating true health. We focus on consistent exercise, eating whole foods, optimizing digestion, maintaining healthy blood sugar levels as well as prioritizing adequate sleep and hydration.  

Holistic health and wellness coach, Beth Finnigan will guide us through an initial 3 week cleanse phase where we "clear the muddy waters" and begin our work on optimizing digestion. If that sounds daunting, rest assured that the support from this community, the education and guidance you receive and, most importantly, the immediate relief you experience, make this not only doable, but enjoyable.
During the Fall Clean Up you'll commit to:
• a three week cleanse
• getting to yoga or hot pilates class four times weekly
• participating in a private FB page supporting fellow challengers
• participation in the program workshops
After an initial week of easing into the program, we'll complete a three week cleanse.  These initial weeks focus on improved gut health, uncovering food sensitivities, triggers and their myriad effects, as well as the negative impact of refined sugar on health. These stricter cleansing weeks will also set the stage for the balance of the program where real life and sustainable living meet. During this time, we’ll put into practice daily habits that incorporate eating well, regular exercise and adequate rest into our daily routines.  The support you have as you incorporate these new habits is life changing.

Beth will support you in your journey with cleanse guides and protocols, shopping lists, recipes, tips and education through a weekly email that will also post to our private FB page.  You'll receive weekly educational emails followed-up with FB live Q & A's.  

Please consider joining us!  We’d love to have your energy, strength and support.  Remember, nothing changes until something changes!
community matters
Studies that seek to understand the strongest predictors of achieving health, longevity and happiness, conclude they are the company we keep and communities we participate in.
We've all experienced the power of community. Those times we feel more compelled to follow through because we made a commitment to someone. We’re much less likely to hit the snooze button when we commit to meeting a friend for 6 am yoga. The community that forms for the Fall Clean Up support  each other with inspiration and encouragement.  You'll be in good company.

Aside from connecting at the studio, participants will connect via a private FB page.  The focus of the Fall Clean Up will be looking at everyday habits and routines with relation to food, exercise and sleep.  We’ll have honest conversations about personal struggles and triumphs as we pull and push each other forward as we create beneficial habits for a lifetime.  What needs to change for you?
education empowers
When your body is missing necessary vitamins and minerals, your health suffers in various ways. That may result in digestive issues, osteoporosis, cognitive decline, immune disfunction or myriad other dis*eases in your body. Understanding with clarity, how important the food you eat is to optimizing the health of every cell in your body is a vital part of this program. You’ll not just be guided in what to eat, but rather educated on why your food choices matter. That understanding empowers you to be the real agent of change in your health.
exercise is the most transformative thing you can do for your brain
The benefits of exercise are numerous and well known to all of us. Consistent exercise builds muscle, increases stamina, is great for your heart and cardiovascular system as well as keeping bones strong, and improving flexibility…the list is long, right? But an important bonus we probably don't often consider is how exercise works to protect our brain and improve its function.  

The immediate effects post-exercise are the increased production of mood and focus boosting neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin and noradrenaline. But, most interesting ––and promising –– is that consistent exercise that increases your cardiorespiratory function –– like Bikram and IHP –– are most effective at growing the hippocampus and prefrontal lobes. These are the two areas of the brain most susceptible to neurodegenerative diseases, like dementia and alzheimer's. That increased growth is the most protective and transformative thing you can do for your brain. So, get your ass to class, right?
Kick-off is September 15, at 12pm at the studio
Program runs September 17 thru November 17
The Workshops:
Saturday, September 29th, 11-12:30
What Goes Up Must Come Down w/ Eileen Devine  

Saturday, October 13, 9-11:30 am
Cooking demonstration with Beth Finnigan

Saturday, October 20th, 11-12:30
Meditation w/ Rich Ray  

Saturday, November 3rd, 11-12:30
Bikram Yoga Posture Clinic w/ Maeghan and Sallie

Sunday, November 11th, 11-12:30
Inferno Hot Pilates Workshop w/Julia
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